Make a randomly generated platformer?

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  • Hey there! I'm working on a project that would look something like a retro Mario game, but here's the new story: DODGEBALL ARMAGEDDON! The school starts a dodgeball tournament, and you, being the nerd, get singled out and chased out of the school! Your only hope for survival is to run like crazy! Jump, duck, slide, and throw dodgeballs at randomly obstacles in order to get away!

    Here's where the trouble starts. I don't know how to make a game with randomly-generated objects. What I want is for one of 7 sets of objects to appear (Maybe 2 for a demo.) and each set included ground that stays level plus either a cue for a dodgeball to be thrown from behind, a hurdle (street and car), a thing to slide under (Fence?), a platform with coins or dodgeballs (Fire escape), or a "gate" that can be busted with a dodgeball (Stylized as a bully after I get code working). Can this be done easily? Thanks!

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