How would I randomly generated maze?

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  • Hello World,

    Is it be possible to create a randomly generated maze with C2? And if it is, how would one approach doing such a thing? After a quick google search(I'll have to do a more serious one later) I was thinking of maybe using the depth-first search algorithm.

    Check THIS link out, scroll down and you can see a video of the depth-first search algorithm in action.

    So how would I go about doing such a thing? What plugins would I have to use? Maybe there already is a plugin that does all the work for me? Would I have to learn&use functions with it? Can I just trow togheter a couple of events that mimic what the wiki says about how this algorithm works? What's the process?

    As much info and detail you guys can give me would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you.

    P.S. Of course there are a lot of other questions that concern me and need be asked. For example how would the current mobile hardware handle this, would it take a long time to generate a maze? I know it already has problems with pahtfinding in that regard, and this seems to be much more complex. Another issue would be that while it draws the maze it would have to attach sprites to it's "walls", would that be doable?

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  • Looks similar to what I want LittleStain , but I'm not sure that that one uses the right algorithm for what I want to end up with.(still shopping around for the right algorithm)

    Ok.... I'm a bit confused Lordshiva1948 , what am I supposed to download from that list?

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  • VIKINGS search the demos for what you are looking for

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