How to make my randomly generated landscape smoother?

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  • Hey, I have a setup that randomly generates a world when I load it based on a random seed. Problem is my world isn't very smooth, its quite.. "bumpy", bits sticking up everywhere etc. I want to know is there any simple way of smoothing out the map?

    Please note: I dont want to switch to using an array or some other system, I want to use my current setup.

    Capx: ... Needed.rar

    --Forgot to mention, my current setup uses the Randomplus plugin, to make it easier, I've included it with the download--

  • I can't open your link. Put spaces in the url or put it in

    Usually typical random is too noisy to be smooth.  Using perlin noise is one option to have smooth noise.  Another is to generate the noise at a lower resolution and interpolate to a higher resolution.
    Squidster's go faster uses the second idea.
    For the first you could look here:
    It uses the noisejs plugin
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  • sorry about that, the link is:

    http:// www mediafire com/ download/ 11207i41g69nf4v/ HelpNeeded.rar

  • Are we talking a platform kind of world? When I wrote one of them once I had a number that indicated platform height and it would randomly go up or down by one. Then I would have a second randomiser add up to two or subtract up to two points to that.

    That way the world sort of flows as it follows the first number, but has some bumpyness due to the second number.

  • Yeah, I was thinking about it alot today before I got on the computer, I have pages and pages of code written out to test haha, it's basically what you just described, but a little more indepth. Thanks for the help

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