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  • Hey all, been trying to solve a problem involving random values, and have had a good search through the manual and forums but can't seem to figure this out...

    I'm trying to pick a random value between 1 and 3, and are currently using this which works fine (the 'Ceil' rounds the numbers up to whole decimals, which is what i want):


    But how do I use this to pick only 1 or 3 (i need to exclude 2). I thought it would be something like this, but it doesn't work:


    Thinking it would choose either 1 or 3...I think I'm barking up the wrong tree with this logic.

    Does anyone know a way to do this? Totally appreciate the help...

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  • You're basically just choosing between two numbers so just do random(2) check if it's over 1 and return 3 else return 1.

    random(2) > 1 ? 3 : 1

  • Like this: CapX

    I would have used arrays and for loops but I'm not sure how to convert:

    var array = [1,3];

    for(var i = 0; i < 1; i++)


    //Just a text function to output the text, use whatever you want



    to the construct 2 equivalent.

  • You could use the choose(1,3) function.

  • Thanks for the replies (and sorry for the late reply myself, I tried to reply last week but was getting an error on the forums).

    I used OddConfections suggestion of this "random(2) > 1 ? 3 : 1" which did exactly what I needed in the end.

    The 'choose(1,3) option sounds useful though. I didn't know about that function.

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