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  • Hi all,

    First post, be gentle with me.

    I'm creating a side to side shooter (retype style) game and I can't figure out how put a random size on the enemy sprites that I'm spawning. Got some lovely sine movement on them as they go across the screen, but could do with a little bit of difference in size to give a bit more variation.

    I'd rather not create a duplicate of the sprite as it's more to load. I thought I could set up an instance variable as a random size number, and then apply that into the size properties somehow, but it doesn't seem to like that. And I can't find an obvious way to do it in an event without effecting all enemy sprites on screen.

    It's probably really obvious as I can't find any other posts asking the same question!

    Any help appreciated.


  • You could try setting size like this in events

    mysprite = setsize to int(random(64,64)) and see then work it out from this how big or small you want the size

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  • Thanks for response. I discovered the 'On Created' event, so went with that, followed by > Set Scale to Random(1)+0.5.

  • that is good news that's the way to learn. I am happy for you

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