Random Spawn location, Set number of spawns

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  • OK folks, hi. This is the first time i've not been able to find my query with either google or these forums and i'd really appreciate some help.

    • TOP DOWN shooter.
    • Player clears the level,
    • the LEVEL Global ups by 1,
    • NeedNewEnemy sets to 1 (which i was using to trigger my latest attempt)
    • 3*(the current level number) of bad guys spawn, spread over the 20 spawn points, (SPAWNER_1, SPAWNER_2,3,4,5,6 etc)

    My issue is two fold, 1 - making the bad guys spawn accross (as randomly as we can) the 20 spawn locations, and 2 creating a loop or whatever is needed to create the correct number 3*(level number)

    If any can assist with any of this, that'd be really appreciated, I'm still REALLY n00by at this.

  • UPDATE: Obviously I can post the CAP if needed, but if possible guidance, as opposed to it being completed would be massively appreciated.

    Thanks again.

  • New to construct but based on tutorials I've seen this should be doable.

    Have your spawn points set in advance.

    Give them unique names/ids.

    Make array of those names/ids.

    Randomly pick one per enemy.

    Set enemy location to chosen spawn point location.

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    • On Trigger

    |- Repeat 3 * waveNum Times

    |- Spawner Pick Random Instance

    -> Do Spawny Stuff

    That's probably really confusing. Just tell me if you want a capx.

  • yes helpz i want the capx

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