How do I make random sounds?

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  • I recently bought a pack of 8 Bit Sounds. It has a lot of sound effects you can use as "Random".

    Let's use walking as an example.

    Every time the player moves left, a footstep sound effect will play when their foot touches the ground. Naturally, it would be annoying to have the same sound play over and over, hence the random sounds in the pack.

    I would love it if someone would explain to me how to make use of these!

    TL;DR, I want a stepping sound effect to play every time the player's foot touches the ground while walking. I have 4 variations of the footstep sound, so I'd like to make use of them by making each stepping sound vary.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Probably not the best way but you could have a variable which randomly picks which sound to play every time your players footstep collides with the ground.

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