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  • Hi, I'm still new to this Construct 2 and I have some questions for it. I hope you guys can help me out. Like the title says, I wanted to build a platform game that generates a random map out of pre-made rooms. for example, a map can fit 12 rooms with each room consist of 36 blocks. Some blocks are empty and some are solid blocks, so that the player can navigate through the pre-made rooms rather than simply generate random blocks all over the map. The thing is, I'm not very expert in arrays and random generations. I tried many ways I can to make the map generate from my custom pre-made rooms but fail. Please give me some idea or example with it. Thanks!

    <font color=lime green>*If this works, It would work on many different kinds of games!</font>

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  • I did something similar to what you're describing for a top view game:


  • Thx for the reply. But what I meant is, the blocks are solids that build the platform of the maps. Where a player must maneuver its way through the blocks and reach an exit gate safely somewhere in the map. The rooms are like chambers build with different pattern blocks and are all connected to each other. Something like Spelunky maps. I hope someone would come up with a method to reproduce that kind of mechanics. I'm still new to game development so bare with me. Thanks again!

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