How do I have random question an answer game

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  • i want to do a game like this i am a new to coding


    3 5 6 8

    random question with with answer to pick from

    thank to desjardins2014 i find a example to show you guy what i want to do


    shape SQUARE (a image)

    random answer as shape to pick from

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  • depending on how big your game is, that would be very complicated... basically you have all the questions and answers pulled off of an array, or dictionary, or 3rd party plugins lik rex's CSV, then link the question to the answers to be pulled (like an ID), then another ID to let the program know which is the right answer. I once developed a trivia game with more than 2000 questions , 4 alternatives per question, and the database was huge. (this is for automatic loading of the questions/answers)

    if your game is small you can just code each question and answer 1 by 1, using groups or variables to define which question to show.. or using layers and making them visible/ invisible (1 question per layer)

  • I'm working on a game now that features quizzes upon googling I found the link below it, it seems very similar to what you want. ... -file.aspx

    edit: I'm new so my link might have been removed, just google constuct 2 trivia app and there's a tutorial.

  • I would like to see on example I learned more that way danuyos. I take a look chris

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