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  • Let's say i have 4 diffent sq's: red, blue, green, yellow. I want to randomly spawn 2 of those sq's of different colors. When each one is destroyed i want to randomly spawn 2 more.

    Is it better to randomly choose those sq's from a family, or from an animatimation?

    Also, are creating families only used to simplify creating events for those same kind of sprites?

    Thanks for any input.

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  • jeffige

    you can easily do it either way...

    with animations, create the object, and then Set Animation to: Choose("red", "blue", "green", "yellow")

    (assuming those are the names of the animations obviously)

    if you put 4 different objects in a family, then Create family object will randomly choose one of the types for you.

    So, if the objects are vastly different from each other - with lots of different properties, then the family way is easier.

    But it they are mostly the same, except for the animation, then that way works fine too.

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