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  • I would like to know how to bring down an object randomly, every time I hit a certain object, thanks in advance, I await response;-)

  • + on collide X with Y

    -> Create Object at (random(1, X), random(1, X))

    If you want it more detailed you should tell us more details ;)

  • ok I would like to make a game like that, the bricks every time you are hit by the ball, I should give a random object, below is the link to the main screen of the game:

    flickr.com/photos/95364538 N08/8740163623/in/photostream

    but here are the events recorded so far

    flickr.com/photos/95364538 N08/8740778187/in/photostream

  • sorry, I can explain in more detail? because of programming do not know much;-) and I can not go along with the newly introduced the game;-)

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  • apparently, it seems that I'm not the only one who does not know how to use this program ...

  • From what I understand, you're trying to create a random object when your brick is destroyed. Instead of having differet objects for each of your "powerups", put them all in one object as different animations. Then, have an event:

    • Brick On Destroyed
    • > Brick Spawn Powerup
    • > Powerup Set Animation to choose("anim1", "anim2", "anim3")

    Then for collecting the powerups its a simple change to

    • Player On Collision With

    |- If Powerup Animation == "anim1"

    -> Do Powerup1 stuff

    |- If Powerup Animation == "anim2"

    -> Do Powerup2 stuff

  • thanks with my whole heart EncryptedCow, it seems complex to do, though I try, then I tell you, unfortunately I have two handicaps, one is not to know English, so I rely on google translator and and the two do not know how to program :-(

  • PM me and I'll walk you through it :)

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