Random Movement Issue with Capx

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  • Hello everyone,

    I wanted to create a boss that only moves horizontally. He moves left and right randomly, and when he reaches certain x axis, I want him to turn back. So far, it is going ok, except that it sometimes stops at certain point of time. I don't understand what is causing it to stop or pause. I've made sure that the simulate left and right controls never collide, so I have really no idea why it happens.

    The capx is below


    Would really appreciate any help.

  • Too many conflicting events, fixed here

  • Thanks for helping out plinkie.

    But weirdly enough, the random movement doesn't function. I am not sure why. I tested it out about 8 times so far, and all it does is go right, than turns left when it reaches the end. And vice versa. And to be honest..,I am not sure why it doesn't.

  • Ohh right you wanted it to be random movement. I just made it go left-right without stopping unnecessarily. I will look into the random movement give me a sec..

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  • Redownload and it's fixed.

    Also, the reason why it was stopping is because BossMove making it move left can be set when BossMode is making it move right etc so it moves left/right at the same time hence static..

  • Thank you plinkie. Wow, I thought they would never run two movement together because I used different BossMode for each. Haha guess I still got lots to learn.

    Could you please upload the capx for me to study plinkie. Would really appreciate it.

  • Redownload from same link above! :)

  • Haha thank you very much! Yup, everything works perfectly! I am understanding the C2's syntax a bit better now.

    Haha did I mention thank you?! I really appreciate it! <img src="smileys/smiley20.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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