Random motion of an object, stops, turns, walking

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  • hi, I can not make an object, an enemy for example, to move randomly but following a procedure that would be: walk a little, stop 2 seconds, turn to one side, walk a little, stop 4 seconds, turn to another side .. and so on. Nor do the objects to count the seconds it stops growing, and not globally from the start of the game. Any examples "capx" who can help me?

  • go through the platformer tutorials, they give the basics of having some AI for your enemies, mostly it comes down to either creating functions that get called, or creating invisible sprites, that when they run into them triggers an action. For example if I want my enemies to jump over a gap, I assign them movement using bullet behavior or something else like Platform (simulate arrow keys), and then when they collide with my invisible sprites I have them jump, or do something else...

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  • well maybe not randomly but have you tried mapping out the route that the enemy should be taking and use an invisible sprite to simulate the controls of 8 bit direction with the use of a wait command before the action.

    I'm sure some math wizard could tell you specific degree turn and mumble jumble. but yeah id like to know if it possible to have randomly simulated control. I hope this helps

    {edit} god dam it i didnt hit refresh you beat me to it.

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