How do I make random looking but repeating room descriptions

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  • I want to have a list of room descriptions from a list say 20 variable in length be given in what looks like a random way but isn't. So room 1 would always give the same descriptions, no matter what computer you're on. So would room 2, 3, etc.

    I was going to go through the list in a binary fashion to use every combination, but it leaves some descriptions lingering for far too long.

    I though someone else might have a bright idea on the matter already?

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  • If they're the same no matter what computer you're on couldn't you just make the list beforehand and include it in your game?

  • Thousands of rooms.

    If you're talking about some way of attaching a txt file to it for the game to read, I'm not sure how to do that and would appreciate any tips given.

  • You can add a text file to your project's "files" folder then use the AJAX object to load it to a variable when you run your game.

  • Well, I tried throwing myself at it since you implied it's easy ... and half trying out a tutorial at the same time I did manage to make it load up the data from a txt file. It seemed to load all of it at once, so I guess I'll have to use tokenat to break it down into an array. As I recall the other tutorials I tried had all sorts of code in the data and it was OTT for me.

    Thanks, Rojo

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