How do I Make Random Layouts and Videos

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  • Hi!!!

    I'm making a Game of Minigames like Dumb Ways to Die.

    I have already done the Minigames, now I want to make the layouts appers random

    I finish example 1st, and now I want to apper 4th, but next time want to be the 8th game and so...

    Is there anyway that I can make that with Construct 2?

    Also I have some videos and I want that they appear randomly... Can this happen to?

    Thanks a lot to all.

    Greetings from Mexico!!

  • This would take some coding magic. A few variables to satisfy number variants, and labeling the layouts different numbers.

    I would say layouts named "1" "2" "3" etc, then have an event that assigns a "currentlayout" variable as round(random(0-10)) where "10" would be the highest number labeled layout. Then "Go to layout (by name)" and use the variable "currentlayout" instead of a layout name.

    Going off the top of my head here.

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  • Of course, you would also need a method to tell it what layouts were already used, and to avoid going to those as well. Not hard to do, I'd use an array or something to keep track of that.

  • Thanks roracle, that's one of the first idea that come in my mind.

    In a Faceebook Group someone give me the idea, like this:

    Go to layout by name then choose (layout1, layout2,....etc)

    I have to think about the method to not to play the layouts already used. I will try the array.

    Thanks a lot.

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