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  • Ok, guys I really need your help. I've tweaked it as much as I can figure out but I'm not quite sure how to pull it all together. I feel I'm close but off. What I'm trying to do is make a random layout trivia type game. I want to make and be able to add blocks of questions easily so I'm setting it up this way. (There is probably an easier way but I don't know it so here ya go). Once you get the first 10 question correct you move on to the next 10 and so on as the questions get harder.

    I can do the first random 10 layouts but I can't seem to make it move on to the next set and so one. I want it to the point of just adding the sections and coming up with the questions.

    Here are the Capx of what I've done so far, this was not my initial file, someone shared the capx and so I used it as a guide:

    As always thank you in advance for your help

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  • I can't open your capx as you're a version ahead of me, but from your post I gotta say it doesn't sound like an enormously efficient way of working. You don't need a layout for every single question. Why not just do everything on one layout, and randomly display all the questions one by one on the one layout? Much easier to arrange the questions into blocks and keep track of everything. Just make a few arrays (one for easy questions, one for medium questions, etc) and populate them with as many questions as you like.

  • Yeah you're probably right it was an old capx that somebody posted and I tweaked it to do what I wanted to do with it. It was already set up for the ability to do 10 layouts so i used it as my guide and made it for 30. It could work though if i can figure this part out.

    Thank you for your time.

    Do you have a guide for your way?

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