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  • I?m using the random command to create enemies:

    System > every random (1.5, 5.0)seconds > create object > enemy1 > layer 1 > X= player.X + 1500 > Y=random(100, 650)

    I?ve two issues:

    • I thought the program draws a value in seconds for each instance and from what I understand the program draws only once and applies in all instances (is it right or I?m doing something wrong?)
    • Despite being restricting the area between the vertical axis to 100 and 650, the enemies appear at times near the edges (vertical window size = 720). Even objects that I took the desktop are shown through the top, every time I start the game.

    Thanks for any help

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  • Sounds like it should work fine.. can you upload a screenshot or .capx?

  • Sorry, I just tested it and deleted then to look for another solution. But as I was suspicious, I decided to post this question on the forum. I tested several times and the time interval between the object was always the same. However, the command "random" worked very well with the position on the screen.

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