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  • hi,

    i am trying to make a puzlle game similar to bejewelled.

    i made a level with gray objects which is a gray box.

    i have 7 colors of this boxes.

    i prepared layout with 7 gray object i want 7 random color when scene started but resulted only gray or all same color.

    i create globalvariable colorNO and add localvariables to every color from 1 to 7 and random(colorNo) for gray object but nothing happens.scene starts just as in layout as gray objects.

    i am making wrong randomizing maybe dont know.

    note:i want to see scenes while creating so i dont want to use variables to automatic creating scene.

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  • You can add to your sprite local variable with 7 different numbers and compare it on your events. To example: if 1 set grey, if 2 set blue...


    If you want random - load all your collor boxes to the ONE animation, set animation speed to 0 and on "on start of layout" set "set animation frame" to random(7)

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