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  • I have the code to spawn 1 of 4 sprites at either spawnA location or SpawnB location. How do I get the sprites to move left?

  • Give them the bullet behaviour, then use bullet move at angle (180) action in event sheet.

  • I gave it 180 angle and movement 100*dt and only one moves but not the next 3, but the first one moves the next time it is generated.

  • make sure you set it for each bullet behaviour object. if your still having troubles post a capx.

  • Gave it bullet behavior and it only comes out from the right side 100 pixels then moves backwards and disappears.

  • ^ Read the posts you wrote ... You programmed the bullet like that

    Also , set " set angle to angle of motion " to " No"

  • if your still having troubles post a capx.

    Sounds like something is a bit off in your project, it would be a lot easier for us to help if we could see for ourselves. If you save your project as a single file and upload it to a filehost like dropbox you can post the link here on the forums.

  • Here is the section for the carts to be displayed.

    Global number Cart_pick_EID =0

    Global number Next_Spawn_time = 0

    System |Next_Spawn_time <_ time |Set Next_Spawn_time to time+random(3,1)

    System | Pick a random sprite1 | Spawner Instance | System Set Cart_pick_EID to choose(1,2,3,4)

    System | Cart_pick_EID = 1 | Spawn Cart1 on layer 0 (image point 0)

    System | Cart_pick_EID = 2 | Spawn Cart2 on layer 0 (image point 0)

    System | Cart_pick_EID = 3 | Spawn Cart3 on layer 0 (image point 0)

    System | Cart_pick_EID = 4 | Spawn Cart4 on layer 0 (image point 0)

  • Somebody know what is wrong with my code?

  • Here is the capx file.


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  • Hello ... You just missed a little event ! When you spawn a car you need to set the angle of motion to "180" degrees , That should make them go left ... "0" degrees if you want them to go right ... Add the event after

    each spawning event and it should work !

    Have fun avoiding cars and don't forget to contact me if you need help

  • Still no change. Do you have an example?

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