Random Exits To Multiple Layouts

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  • Hi

    I'm trying out a random dungeon with multiple layouts ie 1 layout 1 room,

    each room has exits to another layout. I'm think of making each exit random to a different room.

    Probably using an array to store each room number and exits to a different room number,

    whats the best way to deal with rooms with on the outside of the grid so you dont get any exits that dont have a adjacent room.

    Hope this make sense.

  • I dont really understand your problem. If you have 10 rooms each on its own layout with 1 exit then simply choosing a random number between 1 and 10 ( filtering out the one you are in of course ) will always take you to another room/layout.

    Or am i missing the point

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  • Thanks Spongehammer, you could be right, some rooms may have several exits I thought of storing room numbers in an array so you could go back and forwards and have a different map each time

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