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  • Hi. Im making a gamemode in my game where it randomly generates and endless dungeon, and they play and explore until they die. The problem is randomly generating the level. I looked at this, and this, but I just don't understand them. How would I do this? If you want to get an idea of what I want to do, think of the game Binding of Isaac (if you have played or seen gameplay). I have tried to do this by using "On start of layout and repeat 50 times: Spawn Wall at random position", but that doesnt seem to get the results I want...

  • InvaderX.   While you can take plenty of shortcuts in many games systems or functions..random seed generation of a map or dungeon level isn't really the place to skimp or skip learning..

    Basically if you want to implement a system that you don't understand..you are really barking up the wrong tree..Simply put..There is no substitute for knowledge or learning.

    That being said ..Any one can figure it out...me personally ..

    I would create a few systems that interacted with each other during layout start.

    The basic system of determining the actual tile to be placed would be done via an Array with an associated generation formula. This system would pass or pipeline the seed generation concept to the actual layout via another separate 'Tile Placement System'.

    The main component to start with would be to create a large enough "Array" (see manual if you arent quite certain what an array is) that aligns with the actual layout dimensions in respect to your individual Tile size, so for example..if your layout is 512x512 and your tiles are 64x64 the size of your Array would most likely be an 8x8 grid Array.

    This Array should ideally be used only for the generation of your tile pieces and their placement..then i'd figure out a system or calculation based on Variables and/or simple rules that establish the placement of the graphic tiles PER Array grid square on your screen layout according to their respective or corresponding xy coordinates ..The result of which would then be referenced by the placement system .

    For areas such as borders you could set a constant value for the bounding edge grids of the array so that it always passed solid walltiles to the placement system...does that makes sense?

  • What I mean is ..this ...


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  • Ah I see. Okay so I tried out something like that and when I preview the layout, it wont load. Here's what I have:

    <img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/61808535/ChattR9/game.png" border="0" />

    If you cant see it, go here: dl.dropbox.com/u/61808535/ChattR9/game.png

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