Rainbow Trail a-la Happy Jump

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  • Hi.

    Does anyone have any idea for a way to make a rainbow trail a-la Happy Jump style? The rainbow follows your character as he flies around. It follows you around smoothly as you turn or twist.

    I tried using a Particle spray, but the sprite create rate is too slow to make a smooth trail going sideways. Some WebGL effects help adress this, but the Platform is Android and there's no WebGL there until CocoonJS 1.4

    Pinning the trail with Rope doesn't seem to work any noticable , probably because the character is a physics object. Pinning an Object to Positionkis@Character and then pinning the trail on that Object doesn't seem to work either. Physics mess all up.

    To me it seems that Happy Jump uses a more advanced engine, probably Unity to make the 3D trail object. However is anyone crafty enough to figure out how to make this on Construct?

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