How Do I Make Rain Fall From My Window View?

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  • Hi Everyone,

    I was wondering how to make Rain or snow fall from my window viewport.

    I want to make it look like its raining to the player instead of making it rain throuhout my entire layout.

    I have seen some capX files but none talk about specifics on how to make it fall from the players window view port

  • Not quite sure what you mean...but have you tried making a new Layer "Rain" Put your Rain Fx/object in that Layer, then set the Layers Parallax & scale rates to 0 in the Properties pane for the Layer..

    This will make that layer always be fixed on whatever is being "scrolled to" Hopefully your player,

    It will appear to rain over the area that is currently viewed..

    There of course are plenty of other ways to do it..such as Pinning your Rain Object to the Player or setting its X,Y pos to the players Every tick

    Any of those should do it..

    personally I would use the Layer technique as it sometimes you make want a Cinematic camera pan and its nice if the rain follows the view..

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  • mystazsea awesome.I dont even know why i didnt think of just sticking it to the window in a fixed fashion like my UI Buttons.Thanks man for giving me a different way of looking at it.

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