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  • Someone tried to do the physical effect of rain ... some advice.

    thanks for the help.

  • What do you mean by phisical?

    You can either use particles or spawn number of srpites with bullet movement every few milliseconds.

  • will try to do with the particles, not which of the two ways use less resources, thanks for your answer.

  • Not sure but I think the particles way is not a very good idea cuz particle effects are (or I think I�ve read it) too resource intensive, so I�d try to create a rain effects usin multiple sprites spawns (and destroying them once they hit something or get outside layout).

  • I would check out Miu3's particle example in the FAQ if I were you. Covers rain, snow, leaves and fire.

  • i think sprite will do the job , also the physics will lower fps on the game

  • You can get away with a few sprites that are animated by a few frames and get a decent looking effect.

    Start with a rain falling sprite, just a blue pixel animating from the start position to the end position over the time of a few frames. Have a second animation that is placed on the ground plane for an impact.

    '               frame 1

    '               frame 2

    '               frame 3

    '               frame 4

    v               Impact

    -------------    Ground

    I've seen many games effectivly use lighting, sound, and the ground impact sprite effect only to create nice looking rain scenes

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  • When I used Construct Classic, I did rain by using 2 particle objects.

    One is the rain itself, and the other was the rain splashing.

    I think this would be too much for C2 though, would probably slow the game down.

    Example: sites.google.com/site/projectsarah0/home/sarah.rar

  • Cheap workaround would be to use a animated black & white grainy rain texture.

    Something like THIS

    You'd need more than 3 of these to keep looping, animating over the screen. You might need to make it have transparent backgrounds or use a effect to make it look like rain.

    Next, randomly generate animated splashes on the ground.

    Using particles and sprites are both going to be intensive and slow down your game greatly.. do realize we're not going to need so many things an object has for each rain drop like a unique ID for each rain drop spawned. For something as trivial as a rain effect, search for methods older games use and you'll find they mostly cheat for this effect.

    You may also want to check this out,


  • I tried with the particles but the game is too slow and try to sprites.

    use three sources of particles to achieve the desired effect.

    Although the effect was quite good.

    Some examples are pretty good up heavy but very complex, as simple as it seems that the particles but with the defect of being slow.

    I will try with sprites thanks to all greetings

  • an animated sprite on top of the main game is the way to go. Unless the rain needs to interact with things its the best way to go about it. Even in 3d most games use a weather "overlay" that just follows the camera. In 3d is a pretty cheap cop out to doin it. In 2d its the opposite lol

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