Rag doll arm collision wtf.

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  • Ok, I am making revolute joints of my arms to my torso,

    I am saying disable collisions between all objects,

    arm to arm 2, arm to torso, arm 2 to torso etc etc.

    and yet arm one, and arm 2 still act like they are hitting, they wont just rotate independently, they act like they are both bolted with the same bolt ( if that makes any sense )

    Am I forgetting a step? I am using .86

  • Best to post a capx for something like this.

  • dl.dropbox.com/u/70111979/stupid%20ragdoll%202.capx

    The dont collide codes are on an every tick event, because I wanted to get it through the computers head that I don't want them to collide!

    I realize its not necessary. If you hit the first ok button it will reset the location of the rag doll, and if you watch closely you will see the arms act as if they are hitting, or revolving on ''the same bolt'' as it were.

  • Comon guys, what am I doing wrong? I say make revolute joint, I say dont collide, and yet the arms are colliding, please help? do I need to put them on different layers? WTF?

  • Ok it seems not that the objects are ''colliding'' but it seems like they are revolving on the same joint, I need them to revolve independently of each other. which is what I meant by the ''one bolt'' metaphor.

    has anyone made a successful 2 arm 2 leg ragdoll?

  • Looks like it works to me. They're on the same joint because you have both shoulder imagepoints at the exact same point. Unless I'm misunderstanding what you want?

  • Ok I see what you mean after clicking the button. Got to pop out, but I'll check it more indepth when I get back.

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  • Had a play for a few mins before I left. It almost seems random.

    Here's a modified capx for you.


    I've added apply force, so when you click the LMB it'll throw the ragdoll in the opposite direction. After trying various things, it seems if you click the LMB first, THEN the button, it sometimes fixes it. It looks to me like if arm2 passes a certain angle, it's fixed. If it doesn't, then it's still screwed up. Needs a bit more testing, which I'll do when I get back. Maybe you can figure it out before I return ;)

  • Thanks I'll have a look right now, I don't know why this thing cant just work properly XD

  • Ok, it looks like the arms ( the biceps ) are now passing through, but the forarm is still hitting, either the torso, or the other arms, but there is a disable collisions for each case =/

    I cleaned it up a bit for you. still doesn't make sense why forarm is still hitting =/ I don't want my guy to touch himself XD


  • OK I GOT IT, thanks for nothing anyone who might have known the answer to this!

    thanks procrastinator for trying ^_^

    You have to set the collision disabled before you set the revolute joints for some weird reason =/ pretty dumb, but it worked.

  • edit> ahh nice one! I was wondering wtf was wrong myself. Good to know WHY! ;p

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