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    i want to run a project created by r95 on r84 i modified the xml file to 8400 and copied all the plagins and behaviors ... when i run the caproj on the r84 version there is an error saying "cannot find condition by id"??

    so what is the cause ?? <img src="smileys/smiley19.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Projects are not compatible with old releases like that. Presumably you used features in your project that were added after r84 was released, so when you try to go back those features are missing and the project can't be opened.

    Why do you want to use an old version anyway? You will experience lots of bugs we have already fixed. We cannot support users on old versions of Construct 2.

  • Because running a version>r90 on mobile (iphone) make the game so slowwww with low fps ... i used all the optimisations tips. on r84 every thing was all right

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  • The performance drop is probably related to something you did in the time between the releases rather than something that changed in Construct. r84 was a long time ago, I'm guessing you've made quite a few changes to your game since then.

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