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  • I only install the stable updates of C2. So I only noticed a while ago that r200 (latest stable update) was released, I downloaded and installed it.

    My old file no longer previews on any browser. The loading bar becomes red as soon as loading the preview starts. It loads up to full bar but never goes to preview the layout itself, hence the preview doesn't work.

    I tried a blank new file and preview it, it seems to work fine.

    Anyone has an idea what can be the source of the preview problem? I never encountered the red loading bar before. Please help. Thanks.

  • might be something with your pc.. I just opened a project from last stable 195 (I think) and it works fine

  • danuyos

    So it seems after a few testing and trying an older version of the file in r195, the problem persists. So it's not about the version.

    Can you be more specific? what's wrong with my pc?

    Some testing results: I preview the file, sometimes it goes red loading bar, I click preview again without changing anything, sometimes the preview loads fine. This really makes me dumbfounded as I literally don't need to change anything to make preview sometimes work, sometimes it doesn't. It's purely random???

  • What exactly causes that red loading bar (which goes to 100%) but never proceeds to go to preview?

    Unfortunately, I can't upload my file.

    Anyone with suggestions/ideas, please help. Thanks.

  • Try exporting your file using NW.js and see if that make a huge different.

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  • Try clearing your cache if the problem persists open your browsers debugger and look for the error causing the problem

  • volkiller730


    thanks for responses.

    I tried exporting to NW.js, still randomly working/not working

    I tried clearing my cache and preview and debug preview are still randomly working/not working

    how do I open and fiddle with the browser debugger you mentioned?

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