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  • Now that C2 has a nifty built-in save system, does anyone know how to use this in conjunction with Ajax? Ajax is something that I've been avoiding until a save system such as this has been implemented.

    A tutorial explaining .php, Ajax, and the new save system would be much appreciated.


  • It's a little complicated, since you'll need a server with a database, login system and so on. It's somewhat out of the scope of this forum to explain how to set all of that up. On the other hand some platforms like Clay.io and Windows 8 already allow data to be saved with user logins - it's probably a lot easier to set up with them.

  • I have my own website with database capabilities. Also, I want the max amount of people to be able to use my game so limiting use to Windows 8 or Clay.io is not ideal.

    Is it possible to use Clay.io in conjunction with my website and have the game link to it for logging in? If not, then I want to use my own system.

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  • ArcadEd's tutorial helped me first get my feet wet with AJAX, MySQL and PHP. It goes over setting up a high score table, but the same principles are applicable to an online save system.

    Online High Score Table (AJAX, PHP, MySQL)

    You'd also need to set up a log in system for users to retrieve their individual save files. To set that up, you'll need to become familiar with MySQL and PHP. W3Schools is a great place to start.

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