r100 Problem and No problems with r99

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    The following image shows events that worked as written and for some reason don't after running the code in r100. When i say don't run, i mean the "for each" loop doesn't increment found1 or found3 even though there are 7 sprite5 blocks for each group.

    I have not posted in the bug forum with this issue since i have not included a capx. I can include the capx but i'm using 4 unreleased behaviors. so if that is the only way i will gladly do so.

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    The group variable gets set on startup and is based on the object location also using a "for each". I have not checked to see if the first "for each" is working correctly.

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  • This should be in the 'bugs' section. Also, it would help if you included a capx.

  • well after moving the events 3-12 out of the "on start of layout" the problem goes away. I don't know if could be considered a bug or just a bad programming methodology on my part.

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