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  • How do i make a game like Wheel of Fortune (Gameshow).

    It's not the problem to make the wheel or to bring them to rotate - the problem is the word-finding.

    How can i realize, that there is the "Word-Wall" with an invisible word behind and when i klick on an letter (or hit the key on the keyboard) the right letter will appear (or the wrong gives a failure-sound an the next player can play).

    And so on...

    I hope you know what i mean and sorry for my english

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  • Make each panel have a letter value as "string" variable. Assuming you have a field (textbox) to enter the letter, then a button to check for matches. Use for each.

    On button click use "for each" to check panel variable equals textbox variable. If true change animation to reveal letter.

    If not do nothing or play sound.

    Try to work it out. If you need a written example post back and I'll create a more visual outline.

    Hope this helps. Good Luck.

  • It would be great, if you could make a small example

  • ...If you need a written example post back and I'll create a more visual outline...

    I posted back and sent you a message - please can you (or anyone else) create a.capx, what simple shows how it will work?

    Very big thanks!

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