How do "we" fix crosswalk 7 !!!

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  • Crosswalk 7 has a problem with OpenSSL and GooglePlay will remove games built with it.

    Crosswalk 10 came with a big performance issue which makes games unplayable.

    and after testing the upcoming Crosswalk 11 and 12 they both are useless too, so no hope in the near future.

    I create this post to help each other fixing crosswalk 7 !

    if we can collect sufficient information we can make a tutorial for that.

    The mission is to replace the old OpenSSL library by a new accepted one for GooglePlay and build with command line with all the necessary plugins.

    I didn't find a tutorial for that, and the 1st question is: is that even possible ?! making a custom version of crosswalk 7 and use command line to build ?


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  • first off, you should stop cluttering forum with posts that have their place - crosswalk performance, you could have asked the same question there and get an answer.

    now to answer your question - not sure if crosswalk is open source - if it is, it might be possible, but if it's not, they probably have that code somewhere inside, so you can't really fix it. best option would be if someone made a whole pure webgl non browser wrapper that would include all the features from all the other systems that support it.

    also memory management + threading + audio + webrtc + multiplayer + webstorage + loads of stuff - if you think you can do it.. be my guest ;D

  • saiyadjin

    This is suggested by a member from intel it's not my idea.

    ask your self first: what is the purpose of what you called "cluttering" ?! please check the other post, no one answered my question there about building with command line suggestion "How to do this" ?

    it's not about the same thing BTW, the purpose of the Crosswalk performance topic is to test the crosswalk new versions performance, no one aim to fix the "old" one it's a closed topic and if you want to do this do it by yourself as I've been told.

    and i can't do it by my self for sure, i'm asking about HOW we can achieve that because you have only just two choices now:-

    1st: fixing crosswalk 7 OpenSSL issue by yourself or with help of other experienced developers etc.

    2nd: waiting for crosswalk 13, 14 or may be 15 because upcoming versions 11 and 12 are USELESS.

    if you want a 3rd option it'll be: stop making games with C2 for android.

    so what do you think ?

    thanks for your reply.

  • im not sure if its what our looking for as i haven't manually built with crosswalk yet but have you checked out there site on building ... ation.html

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