How do I use "wait" within every iteration in a repeat loop?

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  • Hi - probably this is simple - I just don´t get it right... Let me please explain the setting:

    There is ~ 200 Sprite Objects (grey4) and a function is called when the game level is reached. I want this function to iterate through all grey4 sprites and move another sprite (cursor) on top from one to the next during every single count iteration and play a short sound, then add 1 to high score if the sprites instance variable "Damage" is 0. Simple.

    What I achieved in my code is that all the objects are counted and added to the score all in one go and the sound plays just once. Not exactly what I wanted, I want the function to move the cursor from sprite to sprite and play the sound during every loopindex iteration. I don´t want it to happen in a tick so to speak. Maybe the signal condition outside the function cannot be accessed from within the loop?

    Here´s the code:

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  • Oh what a shame, I should´ve searched the tuts more thoroughly.

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