How Do I "unlink" a Copy of an Object?

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  • As I come from a Blender background, I am not 100% sure what the proper terminology is in Construct 2, so sorry if I use the wrong wording.

    I am testing Constructor out and am making a super simple game where there is a smiley face that collects coins. I am trying to incorporate several levals. Obviously, certain things will be the same between levels, such as the background and coins and stuff like that. I have tried Copy and Paste and it works, but if I try to make any changes it changes the original too!

    So, I need to "unlink" the copy I made from the object I copied so that it is it's own seperate entity. This should be something super simple, but I can't quite figure it out. Any help is appreciated!!!

  • 2 options:

    • rightclick on the object in the objects- or projects-window -> clone

    this creates a new object with the same properties like sprites etc

    • or just set up your old old according to your wishes when you place it or spawn it in runtime (actually that would be the better choice imo, but I don't know what you are exactly trying to achieve)
  • Well, I have a grid of squares, all of them look the same, but when clicked I need to have each one go to a different level. Currently when I copy the square and then try to set them to go to a specific level, it changes all the squares to the same level.

    Does that make more sense?

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  • I think you have to look into the concept of "picking" in C2. When you have many of the same objects on the layout and you tell the engine to do sth, you have to specify which one (or ones) you want to do whatever.

    There is a wonderfull video about this here:

    This one opened the final door for me about picking and I think it will help you too. And it's a good place to start watching other construct 2 live classes videos too. I learnt alot from them.

    Be patient, watch some vids, read some tuts and before a week you will be able to imagine the events of whatever mechanic you want to implement, I promise :)



  • If you copy/paste an object, you're creating another instance of it. That means that they are the same exact object, have the same object name and are basically identical.

    If you right click it and choose clone, it creates a new object based on the object you click. It will copy every property of the object you chose, but you still can edit it.

    Basically if you have an object Sprite1 and copy/paste it, there will be two Sprite1. If you right-click Sprite1 and clone it, you'll have Sprite1 AND Sprite2, which are similar (since you made Sprite2 out of Sprite1) but they're not the same.

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