How do I make "Touch Swipe" controling?

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  • Hey guys!

    I searched whole internet Youtube tutorials and on this site too - i spent about 7 hours with no satysfying results..

    Does anyone can help me- how to make controling of the object by finger slide gestures? I mean, when i make slide/swipe by finger on the screen of my phone from down - to up - than i want to ove object proportionally from down to up (with the similar distance, speed and direction). But i dont wanna just "every tick, object A following on cursor/touch" or something like that..

    Just independly controlled object, which moves by slide gesture (direction, proportional speed and distance) - and if finger is touching screen - the move is still active.

  • I tried make from that tutorial:

    And its good direction to do what i want, but its imperfectly..

    Its work bad - when I make slide from down to up - the object will move in the same direction, but when i make horizontal slide after that - it goes still in Y direction. So i have to make 2 slides to change direction. This is first problem. Another is, that in this method, the object is moving always if i hold touch on screen. So i can touch in one place (without moving, sliding) and the object is moving forward.

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  • Ok, my friend helped me with that, and it works i will try on prototyping that idea.

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