"Source atop" blend mode between layers (or similar result)

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  • I want to use additional sprites over my wall and floor objects, to add varying extra details to them. I want to scale and rotate these sprites and want them to only be visible over the underlying wall/floor object area, so that all the parts not overlapping the wall/floor will be "masked" out and not visible. I know this can be achieved if both objects reside on the same layer and the overlapping sprite is given the "Source atop" blend mode and "Force own texture" is set to yes - however, with a large amount of sprites I'm worried that setting the blend mode to each individual sprite can be taxing on performance (especially on mobile) and would prefer to find another more effective way to do this. Ideally the additional sprites would reside on their own layer and I could just set the blend mode to the whole layer to get the same results, with ideal performance.

    My question is, it possible to use "Source Atop" blend mode between two layers somehow (or achieve a similar effect via other means)? I tried various methods and couldn't get it to work, but that doesn't mean it's not possible with other methods/blending mode combinations I'm not an expert in using C2 blending modes by any means so any help is greatly appreciated. I would very much want to get this to work and do it in a smart way. Thanks!

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  • Still looking for a solution.

    To my understanding this can be achieved with Paster and/or Canvas plugin, but does anyone know if it's possible with built-in functionality? I'm not very familiar with either and I'd like to keep my project as streamlined/simple as possible, so I'm interested in hearing if any other solutions exist.

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