How do I "smooth" rotate an object with the mouse

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  • Hello !

    I'd like to create a game such as Reus.

    I have one circle sprite (for the earth) and i would like it to "smooth" rotate with my mouse. Such as if there was a touch scroll all around the earth which would make it rotate around its own center.

    Do you have any idea how to do that ?

    Thank you,


  • I'm thinking of using the Physics Behavior and using torques and angular velocity but how can I get the swipe movement of the mouse ?

  • So you want to touch screen - touch anywhere, and while you touching and moving your finger circle should rotate? But rotate only when you are moving your finger.

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  • That's it.

    I'd like to do it smooth : when you release the touch, the rotation slows down to 0.

    So when you touch and move your mouse/finger in any direction, the circle rotate in this direction and you release your mouse/touch, the rotation stops. And you touch again at the same place to continue the rotation (such as android/iphone touch scroll)

  • Something like this?

  • I've finally done it, thanks to your help for the scroll (I wanted to enable a 360° scroll).

    I used the behavior rotation combined with Touch.SpeedAt to continue the rotation after the user releases the touch (and a positive/negative acceleration depending on wich side it's turning to make it stop).

    Here is my .capx for those who might have the same question :


    Thank you Shinkan

  • ahh, I misunderstood your question a bit.

    But I'm glad you were able to solved it yourself.

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