How do I use "Sine" while pinned to another object?

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  • Hey everyone! I really hope someone can help me with an issue I am having.

    I have 2 sprites:

    Sprite 1 is the body of a boss that uses "rotate" to move in a circle around the game board

    Sprite 2 is an arm of the boss that needs to be "pinned" to the body of the boss(Sprite 1), while also using the "sine, horizontal/vertical" behavior to move forward and back.


    The issue I am having is that Sprite 2 will NOT "sine, horizontal/vertical" when it is pinned to Sprite 1. If I unpin it, it works great, or if I use "sine, angle" it works great too(as I have done with other parts of the boss). But for some crazy reason, I can't get it to use the "sine, horizontal/vertical" behavior. I even tried using "sine, forward/back" but haven't had much luck. Is this something that is even possible for the sine behavior? Or is there another 3rd party plug-in that would help with the situation I am having.

    Any help would be much appreciated!


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