How do I use "scroll to" in my project.

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  • There is definitely a very good explanation for this, but right now, I'm blocking a project and just can not make it to see what happens.

    I set my character's movement with the click of a mouse and touch, so that the project could go well for both touch devices that computer. I also checked the tutorial already on but it does not work. As if I had not made​​.

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  • I made the project so that the character moves with the classic point and click. Now I want to make sure that the screen follow the character which, in turn, will always remain at the center of the screen.

    Scroll to the function does not work if active movement point and click

  • Do you have Scroll To on your player sprite? Either just have the behavior on on the player sprite or a dummy camera sprite if you're going to control it manually. If your player is moving outside of the layout boundaries, you will also need to set Unbounded Scrolling on your layout to Yes. If this doesn't work, you'll need to post a capx so someone can help correct what you're doing wrong.

  • I followed the rails by creating a new project and by testing them and the scroll works perfectly. Or perhaps created some still somewhere on the layout without realizing it. Sometimes, it is appropriate to start the project from scratch to understand the mistakes made.

    I try and see. Thanks for your help.

  • All resolved. It is I who am newbie and I have to learn. The layout had left "Unbounded Scrolling" NO preventing, accordingly, that's my job to go on duty. I have to learn, sorry for the inconvenience.

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