How do I "save" a map generated in preview to the editor?

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  • I have objects I want to spread evenly across a layout. I can generate the objects with some code, but how can I then have those same objects in those same positions back in the layout so I don't have to generate them again?

    Graphical representation of what I want to do:

  • I don't think you can do that.

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  • Not easily at least.

    You can take the positions and generate a layout.xml file using a layout xml from your capx as an example. So you'd save the generated file somewhere, close your project in c2, and assuming you had saved your project as a folder you can replace one of your project's layout xml with the one you generated. Unless there's a mistake in the xml that was generated.

    Anyways it's probably a tedious thing to do initially, and the step requiring you to manually replace files is a slow workflow.

    A more reasonable thing to do would be to save the generated positions to some text, and then put that into your game and recreate the objects from that.

  • OK. I think I might look into seeded generation and do it that way. Thank you!

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