"Problem" with level and event sheet

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  • Hello everyone, I hope to find help in this great forum. I am new to construct and would like to ask you a simple question which I have not found an answer in the forum.I'm trying to create a game similar to simonsays from a tutorial that I have found on the Scirra website. I have no problem to recreate it, I think it is too simple as a game and I wanted to make it more interesting. Basically I want to create a main menu where you can choose other types and not only colors, then make sure that you just choose the item and be able to choose between the difficulty: easy,medium and hard.I hope I explained myselfI think I need to create multiple layouts with event sheet to do this and then tie it all together. I tried this way but I found a problem by copying the global layout, rename it from global to global2 btu it doesent work.Someone would know help me?Thank you so much in advance and sorry form my bad English   <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Could you share what you have so far? And leasts take this a step at a time.

    First, lets address adding a layout for a menu screen. I implemented a seperate layout for my menu screen in my own test game.

    Remember that whatever Layout you have selected will be the one that loads in the preview, so if you have no way of getting back to the main menu on your second layout you'll be stuck in the second layout until you reload the right layout in your preview.

    There is a system action that allows you to load a new layout by name.

    Try working through that. And I would also recommend reading through the manual at least once through. Not a super detailed reading, just a quick read through. You'll soon realize that things will just come to mind of what you could do, and you'll have an idea of where to find it in the documentation.

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  • Here the capx..take a look if you want, i dont know where i make mistake, anyone can help me? thanks dropbox.com/s/zatbfhsgva8i1ed/Simon-Example.capx

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