How do I get "on any touch start" working in Firefox for PC?

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  • Hello,

    In the linked capx, I expect the following things to happen (but #4 is the problem):

    1)If you press the large purple button, the browser will enter fullscreen. To exit fullscreen, touch the screen in three places (or ESC).

    2)If you touch and drag either die, they will drag and drop.

    3)If you touch near (but not on) either die, they will set position to the touch location (I want them to immediately initialize drag and drop, which they don't, but that's a different problem).

    4)"On any touch start" sets a red icon visible in the upper left.

    5)"On any touch end" sets the red icon invisible. ... ouch1.capx


    Again, "on any touch start" is the problem. Touching the screen does not trigger the "on any touch start" condition. That only happens after movement is detected. I don't believe the tablet PC is at fault, because in Chrome everything works as expected.

    I also don't think it's a Construct 2 bug. I have tested on the same tablet PC with mouse input, and it works as expected. I've tested with touch on mobile in Firefox and Chrome and it works as expected. I've gone into about:config and made sure all settings with "touch" and "gesture" are the same on Firefox Desktop as for Firefox Mobile, but the problem persists.

    I think it's just Firefox for Desktop, but if anyone knows better please chime in ; )

    This capx is for a fun little side project dedicated to touchscreens, and I'm sure I could work around it, but I have a larger project I'd like to add touch support to and this is a pretty important trigger to be unusable on a major browser.

    Thank you!

  • Seems fine to me on Firefox PC.

  • Interesting. Can you tell me what hardware and OS you're using? I'm on a Flex 3 2-in-1 On Windows 10.

    And to confirm, you got this to work on a touchscreen, right? I ask because in your other post about this project you talked about mouse.x/mouse.y instead of touch.x/touch.y, and I stated that this works as expected with the mouse a as a simulated touch input.


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  • Well I'm not on a tablet, it might not be working as expected on a tablet.

  • Correct, the problem is only apparent on a dedicated touch screen. Thanks for taking a look, though!

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