"on mouse over" fading issues [solved]

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  • hi everyone!

    I'm on a dead end, searching for hours, but nothing works. i have an object X,invisible at start, and i want him to fade in and stay visible when my cursor is over a box, and fade out and stay invisible when my cursors goes out of that box.

    actually, when i put my cursor over the box the first time, the object apears, start to fade out, then fade in ( like if fading out and fading in where starting at the same time), and stay visible, and when my cursor goes out, it fades out just as i want. after, if i put back my cursor over or out of the box, the objectappears, fades out and stay invisible (in less than 1 second).

    i hope you understand, my english isn't so good, i apologize...

    this is the events i'm using:

    postimg. org/image/deyoomnxt

    Do you know what's the problem here? can you help me?



  • <img src="http://666kb.com/i/cizareu5vzsm2gklj.png" border="0" />

    your problems:

    • trigger once needs to be grouped with the first condition mouse is over x to work for that condition
    • fading in does only seem to work once when using start fade, fading out seems to work multiple times when using start fade (bug probably that it works multiple times); use restart fade instead


    • on fadeout finished is only triggered once anyway, so no need for trigger once there
    • I added an opacity-condition to always make the fade finish before a next one is started, this will prevent some abrupt opacity changes when it suddenly changes the fade.
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  • thank's a lot for your help, you saved my day! i understand my mistakes now ;)

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