How to make "object" not render?

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  • What I mean is, just like one can turn a layer invisible, I though that making so, will affect any object in it to not render (and not load) as well. I have some graphics in there that I think kneel the game down in fps, so instead of deleting the graphic, how can I just make it disbled as to say for testing purposes? It would be nice to actually NOT render and load anyhing in an invisible layer.

  • Isn't that what setting an object invisible does?

  • In the editor yes, it doesn't apear, but when I run the preview everything apears even if invisible. I should add that I run preview in "file" mode since "http" mode doesn't seem to work for me (HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable.)

  • Can you make a .capx file? Setting things invisible works fine for me.

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  • Well...the specific project doesn't really matter as it happens in any project I try. If you do need it though I can send you a scene with a black ball :-). It's allways the same. "File" preview mode.

  • Works fine for me in all browsers in both preview modes: test

    This is why you should always provide a .capx: it seems to be working fine here, so presumably you're doing something else you hadn't realised that is causing a problem.

  • Thanks for answering...

    Obviously there was a confusion, because I was taking about turning a whole layer invisible. While it does work setting a Layer invisible through events, it doesn't if you UNcheck the box in the Layers window on top-left and run the game, without using any events whatsoever.

    Obviously this is no big deal, since one can change Layer Visibility from within events.

  • Ah, I see the confusion now. You've missed the 'initial visibility' property :)

    Layers have two properties:

    Initial visibility - only affects the runtime

    Visible in editor - only affects the editor

    The checkbox is a shortcut for the "visible in editor" option. So if you want to change the runtime use the "initial visibility" option! <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Oh.. O.o Silly of me.. Thanks. That's exactly what happened :)

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