How do I make a "News Ticker"

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  • I am trying to create an in game news ticker. I want to avoid writing everything out in words and then saving them as png and rolling the image. I want to have a series of 1 line text ( "Act Now! Diamonds available in the mines" "You got shot last night! You lost 500 bucks in the mugging". ) etc etc.

    I tried to install the "Rex.Rainbow" plug ins and behaviors....but I can not get them to work. I end up with this error....

    Download rex_timeline start...

    Traceback (most recent call last):

    File "wx\_core.pyc", line 14669, in <lambda>

    File "model\Repository.pyc", line 43, in myfinishCB

    File "model\Repository.pyc", line 112, in _unzip

    File "share\MyZipFile.pyc", line 8, in UnZipFile

    File "zipfile.pyc", line 962, in extractall

    File "zipfile.pyc", line 950, in extract

    File "zipfile.pyc", line 986, in _extract_member

    File "os.pyc", line 157, in makedirs

    WindowsError: [Error 5] Access is denied: u'C:\\Program Files\\Construct 2\\exporters\\html5\\plugins\\rex_timeline'

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you all.

  • Here's a very very old capx of scrolling I found on my hdd (made long before we had SpriteFont.. yeah it's THAT old haha)


    Not sure how useful it is, but the main thing you want to look into is the Mid() function. If you don't understand the above capx, or you'd prefer an actual text object version, let me know and I'll whip one up tonight. I just don't have time now.

  • That would be awesome. I don't need the fancy waving thing (all though very cool) we just need something simple. Thank you!!! By the way. You have saved me

  • Here's a quick edit that is more along the lines of what you're looking for..


    It's easy enough to add other texts to scroll.

  • Thank you so much!! This totally worked!

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  • Or with the text object:

  • No problemo Let me know if you have problems or need to adjust anything.

  • The above are links dead. I'd really like to implement a news ticker. Any ideas? Thanks.

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