How do I use "multiply" or "darken" blend mode?

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  • I can't find it in a list of modes.

    It's not there because multiplication is slower that addition for "Additive"?

    How can I emulate "multiply"?

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  • Hey shalmu,

    Apologies if I misunderstand your question, but it sounds like you're interested in applying a "multiply" blend mode to an object.

    HTML5 vs Shader Effects

    So there are two systems that can apply blend modes to an object, basic HTML5, and Shader Effects. I think you may be looking at just the basic HTML5 list of blend modes, which has modes like "Additive" and "XOR", but it doesn't have "Multiply". Fortunately the Shader Effects do have a "Multiply" blend mode you can apply to objects.

    Applying a shader effect

    With the object selected, in the properties panel, in the "Effects" section, there should be two properties listed, "Blend mode" and "Add / edit" (Effects).

    The "Blend mode" property sets the basic HTML5 blend mode for the object, and does not require a graphics card. Again, this is the list that has "Additive" and "XOR", but not "Multiply".

    Alternatively, the "Add / edit" (Effects) property lets you add multiple shader "Effects", which require a graphics card.

    A "shader" is a graphics effect, like a blend mode, or a distortion, or a blur, but importantly these effects are rendered by a graphics card instead of just the basic HTML5 engine.

    • If you click the blue "Effects" link, to the right of the "Add / edit" property, you should see the "Effects" window pop up. This window shows you the list of effects applied to your object. It will be empty to begin with, since we haven't added any effects yet.
    • At the top of this window, click the plus "+" button, and you should get a list of all the available shader Effects you can choose from.
    • If you scroll down to the "Blend" section, you'll see "Multiply".

    Shader effect & Mobile devices

    Mobile devices like tablets and phones might not support shaders, because they might not have a graphics card to render the shader effects. But nearly all computers should have no problem rendering shader effects. Just something to be aware of.

    Hope that helps.

  • Thanks, this is exactly what I need! Now I know it resides not i "Blend mode", but in "Effects" and I can see many other complex blend modes there!

  • Awesome! Happy to help. <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

    If you're interested, you can also get more 3rd-party shader Effects in the "Extending Construct 2" > "Effects" section of this forum.

    The "WebGL Effects List" thread keeps a list of the published 3rd-party Effects.

    And depending on how far into effects you want to get, you can also code your own shaders for C2.

    Shaders for C2 can be programmed in the GLSL language, in any text editor.

    There's a template effect file included in the Construct 2 SDK files, which you can get at the link below.


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