"Is In Touch" not affecting variables

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  • I'm trying to rotate an object via lerp. I'm using a variable for the 0 to 1 range. While holding down on one of two buttons, the value is to go up or down between that range. Before I even get to the management of the angles and rotation and all, I'm not even getting a response from the input while touching these objects.

    As you can see, I have some events/actions toggled disabled. Those parts were actually working fine, so I know that it's not my setup, per se. For whatever reason, I cannot get the same touch controls to affect the variable's value.

    Does anyone see what I'm apparently missing? Thank you for your input!

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  • Those events work. (Attachments are down again, so I can't include the demo I made from those same events, but it worked fine). There must be something elsewhere interfering.

  • blackhornet - Hmm... Well, thank you for checking it out. I'll send a capx if I'm still having issues...

  • blackhornet - Further testing shows that On Touch Object works just fine. It's the Is Touching Object that's the problem. It doesn't like the continuous nature of it, even when I add a time delay.

  • ...strange... It appears the problem wasn't at all with the programming but the fact that I wasn't testing on my PHONE. I was using the mouse on my computer. Oh, well. It's working now.

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