How do I "hide" a sprite from the mouse?

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  • Here is the deal: I'm making a point & click adventure game. With mouse over any of the five sprite over the background, the cursor turns into the little hand, on click it opens the dialogue. It works fine.

    Now, the thing is, there is a short dialogue before the player should be able to click around. How do I make it so the mouse ignores the existence of those clickable objects BEFORE the dialogue is over?

    I tried turning them invisible, and it doesn't work. I tried disabling collision. I even tried adding a boolean variable like "clickable" that turns true only after the dialogue is done, but the "mouse over object" action ignored everything.

    Is there any way that I can make those objects non-clickable until I want them to be? Or is the only option to spawn them after the dialogue is done?


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  • Actually it should work with the boolean variable with this event.

    Mouse Over Object

    Clickable is true.

    Make sure clickable is definetely false before!

  • As weird as it may sound, I tried using a global variable "investigating" instead of a instance variable in each "clickable" object and it worked.

    I was probably doing something wrong before. That's what happens when you keep on trying something too late at night


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