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  • Alright let me get into explaining this, I would like to create a solid object that can sway with the waves of water, I have a few ideas on how this would work but before I dive into testing it I would like to know if it's possible first. OKAY! Here are my ideas on how it would work,

    1, The water and platform would be controlled by physics and when the player is "in" the water it would cause a ripple which can various effects depending on how high the player jumped / fell into the water. The platform can also be walked on to create waves in the water making the platform sway. I have a gif That should explain what I am saying.

    I am not the owner of this gif, but it did spark some inspiration c:

    All rights goes to respective owner of the gif, ThisisEllian from Tumblr .

    Thanks for reading, and I hope I get some positive feedback.

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