How do I "Flip" an Object or the Canvas?

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  • Hi,

    Say I have a layout with 3 objects in it. I want to flip the objects on mouse click, as if I was flipping a piece of transparent paper - so for example a horizontal flip would move objects on the left to the right and vice versa, and they will appear as if a mirror image of where they were.

    Being new to construct I would figure to create a Family of Flippable sprites and call a function or behavior on click. My questions are:

    • What is the right way to do this? e.g. is there a way to flip the whole canvas, or should i flip each sprite separately?
    • Do I need to implement my own custom plugin via the SDK to do this or can I accomplish with what is already available?
    • If I want to flip to apply movement so you can see the object being moved from one side to other how would I do that (instead of just having it instantly disappear and then appear on the other side)?

    Thanks in advance,


  • On mouse click -------------- System set layout angle to (xxx)

    This will flip the canvas.

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  • That is not what I want. If I set the angle to 180 it will flip it of sorts but not as a mirror image. For example an object in the bottom left will go top right, whereas I need it to go bottom right.

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