Make an "ELSE" condition?

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  • I dont know if its just me being dumb, but i cant make a simple structure(if something collides with something then: bla ,else blabla) I just cannot find ELSE in system conditions. Where did it go?

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  • There's no Else condition available.

    But you still can invert conditions and work you way around with an inverted logic.

    ex: Something is overlapping something blabla

    Something is NOT overlapping something blabla

  • well I tried that , but it didnt worked as It should.

    I will try to describe what i want to achieve:

    I am making simple blocky building destruction game, and now im testing some ways to keep the structure (made of identical blocks) together but with ability to fall apart if its not suported. (or blown to bits by bomb)

    heres my capx file .

  • if I understand correctly, you want the 'A' shape of your building to stay like that until you blow it up ?

    and even recognize shapes that are "viable" automatically?

  • For now it could be like that. By unsuported I meant that its not standing on something and nothing supports it from sides.( or something like that)

    well, i tried to find "force sleep" function in physics behaviour, but there is nothing like that.

  • "not standing on something" is achieved by the consequence of gravity. So it's not an issue.

    But the "nothing supports it from sides" is harder to figure out.

    You could check if there's another box on the side, but you might end up with really unrealistic behavior (like two boxes hanging in the air side by side)

    Maybe you could have the floor as a root, and transmit a boolean from bottom to top to check if something is supported... hmmm I'll think about it.

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